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Actively Craft your 

o​wn LIFE

LIFECraft workshops and programmes transform the way young people live through the power of drama, whilst shining a light on and giving a voice to those involved. A focus on developing life skills through the medium of drama, safely famed within fictional yet relatable scenarios. Drawing from their own and others life experiences, participants develop essential strategies for life in order to help the characters within the stories presented to them. Our programmes and workshops are cleverly wrapped up in a safe, unique, interactive and dramatic framework engaging all who take part in them, students and teachers alike.

LIFECraft: About

While we can tailor a programme to suit your students current needs, we can also use an existing programme to explore topics such as:

  • Resilience

  • Making & maintaining friendships

  • Home & school life

  • Coping with conflict & embarrassing situations

  • Conquering the battle of the mind

  • Choices & consequences

  • Responding vs reacting

  • Natural disasters

  • The new normal – post Covid-19 workshop

  • Healthy Relationships

Benefits and skills developed:

  • Teamwork & self confidence

  • Communication & negotiation

  • Conflict resolution

  • The meaning & power behind body language, vocal tone & reading social cues

  • Friendships & support networks

  • Self-management, emotional regulation & coping strategies

  • Developing resilience & the freedom & power of learning how to laugh at themselves

  • The ability to think quickly & respond appropriately in challenging situations

  • Respect for others & themselves

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